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Board Members (6 in total), and others – see the attendees signup sheet

After introductions the TechShop executives, Jim Newton and Mike Hilberman, presented the needs of raising funds for STEAM programs. They would love to have a non-profit partnership which takes donations for young adults to receive scholarships to after-school STEAM programs. After a good discussion and exploration of various options Yashesh Schroff proposed the following three part resolution:

A)SVEC is partnering with TechShop to provide scholarships to disadvantaged youth and young adults to further our mission to expand STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) outreach.

B)SVEC will collect donations for scholarships to deliver STEAM training to deserving youth and young adults.

C)SVEC will establish a committee to program manage the initiative.

The resolution was seconded by Jerry Pohersky

All attending BOD member voted yes – that is six attendees – See roster image for SVEC BOD.  The resolution Passed.