Deadline for submitting HOF applications -- 5:00 pm, Thursday, September 3, 2020

The Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame aims to celebrate the accomplishments of engineers and technical leaders in Silicon Valley who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and have made significant contributions to the Silicon Valley community. The Council’s Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Award Committee selects inductees and reviews submittals made by member professional societies, corporations, or individuals. Inductees are selected on the basis of professional achievement, service to the profession and service to the community.

Following selection, the council holds an induction ceremony as part of its annual Engineers Week Banquet in February. Many engineers and technology leaders have been inducted since the first Engineering Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1990 and, to date, the Hall of Fame includes individuals who have become household names, as well as individuals who are relatively unknown. All, however, are distinguished by their outstanding engineering and leadership accomplishments.

The Award

The Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Award recognizes engineers, technology leaders, and scientists within the Silicon Valley region who have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement and have made significant contributions to Silicon Valley and the Greater Bay Area communities. Induction of Award recipients is held annually; the 2021 ceremony will occur during National Engineers Week at the Silicon Valley Hall of Fame Awards Banquet.

Past Recipients

Nominations should be made in consideration of the high caliber of past Hall of Fame Award recipients.

Selection Criteria

Selection of Hall of Fame inductees will be based on the following criteria:

Professional Achievement (50%)

The nominee has demonstrated significant engineering or technical achievements, provided significant guidance in new and developing fields of engineering-based technology, and/or has managed or directed an organization making noteworthy contributions in design, manufacturing, production, or service through the uses of engineering principles and applications.

Service To The Profession (30%)

The nominee has contributed significantly to one or more technical societies.

 Service To The Community (20%)

The nominee has accomplished significant community service activities, or has provided noteworthy advice to governmental committees, etc.


Each nomination application must meet the following standards and must contain the following information:

Standards Checklist

  • Applications must be typewritten, organized, and presented in a professional manner.
  • All information must be clearly labeled, using headings corresponding to the requested list below.
  • Total number of pages must not exceed 10 for the responses to the requested information plus a maximum of one page each for the three requested reference letters. The limit is 13 pages total.
  • The original and 10 copies of the nomination application must be submitted.
  • All pages of application must be reproducible on a standard black & white copier.
  • Journal and magazine articles, company brochures and similar materials are not to be submitted.
  • Silicon Valley Engineering Council letterhead is not to be used in the application or transmittal letter.
  • No applications are to be submitted by fax or email.
  • All applications must be dated and signed by nominator(s).
  • Requested Information Checklist
Full name of the Nominee

Current position, employer, address, e-mail, and phone number of nominee.
Degree(s), year(s) of graduation and Universities.
A summary biography limited to 250 words, suitable for inclusion in the Engineers Week Awards Banquet program.
Details of the nominee’s accomplishment(s), to include the following information:
 • Noteworthy accomplishments
 • Summary of professional experience
 • Technical society membership and activities
 • Community service and/or accomplishments
 • Important contributions, publications, and patents
 • Three letters of reference (individuals, corporations, universities, or professional societies)
 • Name, company, address, e-mail, and telephone number of nominator(s)

Applications must conform to all of the above standards and must contain all of the requested information.

Nomination materials will be handled confidentially; names and information will be revealed only to the members of the HOF and Awards Committee and only winners will be announced at the SVEC Open House in November 2020*.

Application Process

HOF Applications should be mailed to: TBD

You cancontact us at any time at:

Late Applications

Deadline for submitting HOF applications -- 5:00 pm, Thusday, September 3, 2020
Please remember, faxes and emails will not be accepted.

Selection Process

The Awards Committee will review only those applications that conform to the Application Standards and Requested Information described above. After reviewing the nominations based on the established Selection Criteria, the Committee may select one or more nominees for induction into the Hall of Fame. The Committee will contact the nominator(s) of any selected candidates and will verify the availability of the inductee for appearance at the Induction Ceremony on the night of the Engineers Week Banquet. SVEC requires the Hall of Fame recipient to be present at the induction ceremony to personally accept the honor. When the award is presented posthumously, or when the nominee is disabled, a family member or organization representative may receive the award.

Continued Eligibility

Each nomination application, if not selected for the Award, will be retained by the SVEC HOF and Awards Committee and reviewed for two additional years. Revision and re-submittal of a previous nomination application is treated as a new nomination and starts another three years of eligibility.


5:00 pm, Thursday, September 3, 2020: Last day to submit nomination applications. 
November 2020*: Inductees to be announced at the SVEC Open House. 
February 2021*: Engineers Week Banquet and Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony during National Engineers Week. 
 *Separate announcements giving further details about these events will be provided in the coming months.

PDF of criteria for nominations to the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame

Download Hall of Fame nomination criteria (PDF)